Create the ripple

Make a splash


The ripple starts in the center
Then reverberates outward

The original center settles
Returning to a state of calm

The ripple continues
Dancing to the bounds in all directions
Impacting the water wherever it goes

Its impact might be massive
The wake from a seafaring yacht
Or its impact might be subtle
A dribble from a precious raindrop

Either way the ripple continues
Until it meets the bank
The ripple continues
Until it gets consumed by another wake

Whatever it meets
Whoever it meets
It transforms what used to exist there

Change is inevitable
Change is unpreventable
As the ripple rages on

Back to the initial splash…

What’s the ripple I want to create?
An act of kindness?
An act of love?
An act of anger?
An act of hate?

Whatever I choose
Now I know
This choice will carry weight

This choice will build a reaction
That extends far beyond my singular interaction

Time to make a splash…

Join the conversation

or to participate.