Decision & Execution

Choosing the path from the dot of decision

The way I see it, there are 2 stages of any action:
The point of Decision 
The period of Execution

I envision it like a dot and a line:

  • ——————————>

The dot is a moment. The line is long.

So, when faced with the dot of decision, I can choose 1 of 2 paths:

Path 1: I choose conformity

When I decide to please other people
And suffocate my True Self

The decision is easy
No need to justify to others
They can understand my rationale from their perch on the surface-level

Yet the execution is a constant struggle
As I confront this continual need to convince myself

Path 2: I choose alignment

When I decide to live according to what's honest & true
And say "f*** it" to the other path
Just because it’ll please you

The decision is daunting
(Doubly as difficult as a recovering people-pleaser)
Because other people might not understand

But I embrace the execution with ease
As I'm living aligned with who I am

What does it feel like to go for Path 2?

Probably discomfort at the dot of decision
Insecurity from uncertainty
Instability while standing alone

My shaky legs unable to lean on the crutches:
"Because that's just what you do"
“Because that's what I'm supposed to"

The only honest explanations on offer:
"Because I feel called"
"Because I want to"

Or maybe, just maybe, I drop all need to explain
I see there's no use in justifying
As my True Self is the only one worth satisfying

I welcome the butterflies in my stomach
I stare down the doubt
I trust my True Self
I let the fear rush out

In its place
A surge of vitality rushes on in
And now I know it’s for real...
I'm finally ready to begin

Where are you choosing Path 1 vs Path 2?

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